Ben Hur Du Terroir De Fontfroide: Champion class: exc 1,CAC,CACIB,HFGY.

Judge:Dr Jekelfalussy Kinga

Kiss Bully Johnnie Walker/son of Ben Hur and Felicity/ BABY Res BIS!

Judge:David Bolus /USA/





28.11.2009-Norwegian winner show

Norwegian winner show Dogs4All Lillestrm 28.11.09

Kiss Bully Ernie : CC , BOS , Norwegian winner 2009

Ernie son of SerbCH Bulldogi iz Ozerkov Duran Duran and Kiss Bully Miracle.

He live with Stian Bentestuen,in Norway! Congratulate :-)





26.11.2009-Zeus and Amethyst :-)

Pescara National Show 21.11.2009

Judge Mrs. Svetlana Radziuk (BA)

-Kiss Bully Zeus, EXC.1’ Best Junior in Breed, Best of Breed, Best Junior in Show (C.Lebret) Best of Group (N.Imbimbo) and res.Best in Show (F.Gatti) !!!!

-Kiss Bully Amethyst EXC.1 CAC & BOS

Chieti International Show 22.11.2009

Judge  Mrs. C.Lebret (BG)

Kiss Bully Zeus, EXC.1’ Best Junior in Breed, Best of Breed, Best of Group 3 (S. Radziuk) 

Kiss Bully Ameythyst EXC.1 CAC CACIB & BOS




29.10.2009-Kiss Bully Zeus Res.BOG

International Dog Show Messina,2009.10.25.

Kiss Bully Zeus CAC,CACIB,BOB,Res.BOG!

Kiss Bully Amethyst CAC,CACIB,BOS

Amethyst and Zeus live with Alberto and Sergio in Italy, Fosso Corno kennel.Congratulations!





18.10.2009-National Dog Show CAC,Szentendre

Champion class: Ben Hur Du Terroir De Fontfroide:exc.1. CAC,BOB

Junior class: Fergie of Mini Bombázó :exc.

Open class: Kiss Bully Zephyra:exc.2, Res.CAC.

Judge: Dr.Jekelfalusy Kinga /H/





17.10.2009-Kiss Bully Zeus BOB

Speciality Show in Bastia Umbra, 29 frenchies entered, the judge was Hans Lehtinen

and Zeus won CAC, CACIB & BOB!

Congratulation Sergio and Alberto! Zeus live in the Fosso Corno kennel,Italy.





04.10.2009-Kiss Bully Evita Best Junior

Show: regional breeders at NOYERS BOCAGE
Judges: Mr. Klein
Result: 1st excellent best young
it also obtains TAN (natural ability test)
She has also passed the confirmation (mandatory in France for the L.O.F)

Congratulate Pascal!

Evita live in the kennel Les Pommes D'or Des Hesperides





03.10.2009-International Dog Show CACIB,Komárom

2009.10.03. Judge: Martin Baskaran /E/

Junior class: Kiss Bully Elise exc.1,HPJ,Best Junior!

Intermediate class: Kiss Bully Zephyra exc.1,CAC,CACIB.

Champion class: Ben Hur Du Terroir De Fontfroide exc.1.,CAC, CACIB,BOB!





02.10.2009-International Dog Show CACIB,Komárom

2009.10.02. Judge: C.V. Sudarsan /IND/

Junior class: Kiss Bully Elise exc.3

Intermediate class: Kiss Bully Zephyra exc.2, Res.CAC, Res.CACIB.

Champion class: Ben Hur Du Terroir De Fontfroide exc.1.,CAC, CACIB





26.09.2009-International Dog Show CACIB,Celje /Slovenia/

Champion class: Ben Hur Du Terroir De Fontfroide exc.1, CAC, CACIB

Junior class: Kiss Bully Zephyra exc.2

Judge: Ligita Zake /LV/





13.09.2009-International Dog Show CACIB,Kecskemét

Champion class: Ben Hur Du Terroir De Fontfroide - exc.1, CAC

Junior class: Kiss Bully Elise - exc.

Intermediate class: Kiss Bully Zephyra - exc.1, CAC, Res.CACIB

Judge: Gröschl Ferenc /H/





06.09.2009-Alpok-Adria CAC & Special Show


Judge: Vija Klucniece /LT/


Junior class: KISS BULLY ELISE exc. 2.


Judge: Knut Sigur Wilberg /GB/

Champion class: BEN HUR DU TERROIR DE FONTFROIDE - exc 2. Res.CAC

Junior class: FERGIE OF MINI BOMBÁZÓ - exc.1. HPJ





03.08.2009-National Dog Show CAC,Trbovlje and Speciality for Toy breeds

Champion class: Ben Hur Du Terroir De Fontfroide - exc.1, CAC, Club Winner Male.

Junior class: Kiss Bully Zephyra: exc.1. JCAC,Junior Club Winner,and BEST OF BREED!

Judge: Sylvie Desserne/F/

After Zephyra win 3 place Junior BIS!

Judge: Olga Kuprianova /RUS/





30.08.2009-International Dog Show CACIB Debrecen

Young class: Kiss Bully Zavanna- exc.1,HPJ

Judge: Ladawan Chothithada (Thail)

With this win she became Hungaria Junior Champion!




29.08.2009-International Dog Show CACIB Debrecen

Champion class: HJCH,HCH Ben Hur Du Terroir De Fontfroide- exc.1,CAC,Res.CACIB

Judge: Stelios Makaritis /GR/

With this win Ben Hur became Hungaria Grand Champion!





22.08.2009-National Dog Show CAC,Balassagyarmat

Champion class: Ben Hur Du Terroir De Fontfroide - exc.1., CAC, BOB !

Junior class: Fergie of Mini Bombázó - exc.1., HPJ





02.08.2009-Kiss Bully Unique HK Champion

Kissbully Unique won BOB at The 149 All Breed Championship Dog Show. With this result she became Hong Kong Champion! Congratulate Ron!





01.08.2009-OMSE-CAC Budapest

Ben Hur: exc.1, CAC, BOB.

Zephyra: exc.1,HPJ,Best Junior

Olala: exc.1. CAC

Judge: Bánhidi Pálné/H/





28.07.2009-Kiss Bully Zoom Zoom Best Of Breed

Results of Zoom Zoom and Zanthe/Ben Hur X Naomi/ in France!

SENLIS :spéciale of breed:1er exellent(judge:madame tompousky)

Paris:championnat of french:exellent(judge:mr dupas)

Saint-Avé: cacs:1er exellent(judge:mr.Cabon)

Saint-avé: cacs:Zanthe:2 exellent(judge:mr Cabon)

Dieppe:Spéciale of breed:1er exellent:best junior and best of breed (judge miss Navarro is judge spéciale french bulldog)

Zoom Zoom and Zanthe live in France in the kennel Les P'tits Bout Boul.





19.07.2009-Szombathely CACIB Show


ZEPHYRA: HPJ  with this result became Hungaria Junior Champion!


Judge:Denis Kuzelj /SLO/





13.07.2009-Kiss Bully Zadok Best Junior

23-24.05.2009.Talavera (Madrid); Special Show in Spain, (with 157 entries of frenchies and compiting against 21 young males in catalogue)...Zadok was the BEST YOUNG MALE !!!

Congratulate Javier! /Los Tarantos kennel/





21.06.2009-Székesfehérvár CACIB Show

20.06.2009. Judge: Stefan Sinko /SLO/

Kiss Bully Zavanna: junior class Exc.1, HPJ. Kiss Bully Zephyra:Junior class Exc.2. Ben Hur open class Exc.3

21.06.2009. Judge: Dr Otto Schimpf/A/

Kiss Bully Zavanna  Exc.1, HPJ. Kiss Bully Zephyra Exc.2. Ben Hur Exc.2, Res.CAC.





20.06.2009-Kiss Bully Giovanni Serb Champion!

Becej CAC Dog Show.Judge:Sanja Momcilovic Bognic/SRB/

Kiss Bully Giovanni in open class:Exc.1, CAC.With this result he is Serb Champion!




06.06.2009-Kiss Bully Lucky Boy Serb Champion!

Kikinda CAC Show /Serbia/. Judge: Lazic Stefica/SRB/

Kiss Bully Lucky Boy in CH class Exc.1,CAC. fulfilled all conditions to receive title of Serb Champion! 

Kiss Bully Giovanni in open class Exc.1.CAC.





06.06.2009-CACIB Portoroz/Slovenia/

Kiss Bully Zephyra Best Junior,and Best Of Breed in junior class!Qualificaton at the CRUFT'S DOG SHOW!

Kiss Bully Zavanna exc.2 in junior class.Ben Hur exc.1 in open class.Judge: Cristian Stefanescu/Ro/





02.06.2009-Kiss Bully Amethyst Italian Junior Champion

Viterbo CACIB./Italy/ Judge: M.Poggesi

Kiss Bully Amethyst /daughter of Serb.CH Bulldogi iz Ozerkov Duran Duran and Kiss Bully Tracy/ Junior winner.With this result is Italian Junior Champion! Congratulations Alberto and Sergio!




30.05.2009-Kiss Bully Lucky Boy MKSZ HCH

MKSZ CAC:Judge: Zoran Brankovich
-Kiss Bully Giovanni *K2,Res CAC /open class/
-Kiss Bully Lucky Boy *K1,CAC /CH class/With this result he became MKSZ HCH.Congratulations! Owner of Lucky Boy and Giovanni: Adrienn Lukács.

TKOK CAC CLUB Show Budapest , Judge: Anna Brankovich (SRB)
-Kiss Bully Giovanni *K2,Res CAC*/open class/





24.05.2009-Kiss Bully Amethyst Junior CH San Marino

International Exposition in San Marino Country: (24.05.2009)

Judge Mrs. Poggesi M. (I)  

*Kiss Bully Zeus, Junior class, ECC. 2° 

*Kiss Bully Amethyst, Junior class, ECC.1°, Youth Champion of San Marino Country

Best youth of breed and selected in the first 6 best youths of expo! (Giud. Mrs. L.De Ridder -B-)




24.05.2009-CAC Show Szolnok

Judge: Sonja Moncilovic Bognic /SRB/

Kiss Bully Giovanni exc.2. Res.CAC /open class/

Kiss Bully Ricky Mendoza exc.2. Res.CAC /Champion class/





23.05.2009-Kiss Bully Zoom-Zoom Best Junior

Evreux CAC:Zoom-Zoom Best Junior! Congratulate!

He live in France/P'tits Bout Boul kennel/





17.05.2009-Kiss Bully Titus BOB!

Trophee de Wallonie

Judge: M. Meeremans D. (Belgium)

Congratulations!! Titus live in Belgium,Du Petit Farouche kennel.





17.05.2009-Budapest 2XCACIB Shows

First day: Ben Hur exc.3, Zephyra exc.3. Judge:Fred Peddie/CAN/

Second day: Ben Hur CAC,Res.CACIB, Zephyra exc.2. Judge:Chantal Mery/F/





10.05.2009-Kiss Bully Amethyst

10/05/09 Pisa Special Club Meeting: judge Mrs. Griffa A. (I)

Kiss Bully Amethist 1th excellent in junior class. 


Daughter of Duran Duran and Tracy.Live in Italy,Fosso Corno Kennel.




03.05.2009-CAC Show Nagylengyel

Ben Hur CAC,BOB ; Olala CAC ; Zephyra HPJ,BEST JUNIOR ; Kiss Bully Yoel HPJ, Kiss Bully Uncas Res.CAC.

Judge:Bánhidi Pálné





26.04.2009-Kiss Bully Zoom-Zoom Best Junior

Chateuroux/France/:Special Show :Judge:Mme Waget Elyse-presidente of  French Bulldog Club

Kiss Bully Zoom Zoom/son of Ben Hur & Naomi/:1 excellent and Best Young ! Congratulate!

They live with Jennifer in France,in the Les P'tits Bout Boul kennel





12.04.2009-Szílvásvárad,TOY DOG CLUB,ÁTK-Clubshow

Ben Hur CAC,Felicity exc.3, Zephyra HPJ,Junior Club Winner 2009,and BEST FEMALE!

Judge:Peter Van Montfoort /NL/




11.04.2009-CACIB SHOW Szílvásvárad

Ben Hur CAC,CACIB qualification at the CRUFT'S DOG SHOW!

And with this result he became HUNGARIAN CHAMPION title!

Felicity CAC,Res.CACIB.

Judge:Dirk J Baars /NL/





05.04.2009-CAC SHOW Pápa

Ben Hur Res.CAC,Felicity CAC,Zephyra Exc 2.

Judge:Zsuzsanna Balogh Dr /H/





04.04.2009-Kiss Bully Amethyst BOS

Kiss Bully Amethyst /Duran Duran X Tracy/ Joung class:Exc 1,BOS! Congratulations Alberto & Sergio!

Judge:Stefan Sinko/SLO/.  Amethyst live in Italy,in the Fosso Corno kennel!





30.03.2008-Felicity De Noire Beatitude Hungarian Champion!

Békéscsaba CAC Show: Felicity won CAC result.With this she became HCH!





29.03.2009-Ben Hur BOG!

Békéscsaba CAC Show: Ben Hur Du Terroir De Fontfroide won CAC,BOB,and BOG results:-)

Judge:Gröschl Ferenc /H/





24.02.2009-News from Kiss Bully Xanthia

Xanthia /daughter of Duran Duran & Olala/ won 2 x CC and Reserve Best Of Breed in Malaysia.Congratulations Wan!





17.01.2009-Club Show/Slovenia/

Ben Hur CAC,BEST MALE,  Felicity CAC

Judge: Hans Van Den Berg/ NL/





17.01.2009-International Dog Show CACIB,Ljubljana/Slovenia/


Judge:Mr. Laurent Pichard (Switzerland),